Transparent fee systems.

Ottmann Khazanov & Partner law firm ensures the highest levels of transparency in matters of legal costs. A number of studies show that clients feel they have not been adequately informed about costs. We avoid this situation by providing you with a list of all remuneration models applicable to you.

Free initial discussion

Your initial contact with us is, of course, free of charge. This stage covers the exchange of contact data – for example, e-mails or telephone calls – required to make an initial assessment of the case and estimate of costs. If a personal meeting is necessary for a first assessment, this is also classed as a free initial discussion. Following please find a short list of the different types of remuneration models:

The initial discussion generally covers:

  • Contact via e-mails or telephone
  • Personal meeting in our offices if necessary
  • Summary of relevant facts
  • Cost estimate for the case
  • Proposals for consequent action

Initial consultation

In certain cases, a fee will be charged for an initial consultation. Fee-based consultancy is legally stipulated, for example, for cases related to prospects of success of legal action or defence against a lawsuit. We charge Euro 150 plus VAT for the initial consultation. If you decide to appoint us as your representative for further activities after this first consultation phase, the initial consultation fee will be added to costs accumulated later, and no further costs will arise for the initial consultation.

The initial consultation generally covers:

  • Immediate support for consequent action
  • Drawing up a writ to the opposing party if necessary
  • Contacting relevant persons
  • Estimate of costs and benefits of legal proceedings
  • Assessment of outcome of legal proceedings

Fee agreements tailored to your needs

We will discuss all benefits and disadvantages of the respective model with you. You will, of course, receive an estimate of the cost and outlays of consultation for your case. We will record the details discussed with you in writing.

Billing in accordance with the Law on the Remuneration of Attorneys

The Law on the Remuneration of Attorneys stipulates the legal basis for attorneys´ fees. The fee is derived from the sum in dispute. Ottmann, Khazanov & Partner law firm generally bills its judicial activities using this model.

Hourly basis and flat-rate agreements

You may also opt for billing on an hourly basis – this option is discussed during our initial assessment. Billing according to hourly rates is standard for complex, extensive legal cases. Billing is calculated at 15-minute intervals. The hourly rate is Euro 120 to 200, depending on the extent and complexity of the case. Additionally, a flat-rate fee agreement can be entered into. The flat-rate agreement is of particular relevance when drafting contracts and GTCs.

Performance-based fee

In certain – legally permissible – cases, it is possible to arrange a performance-based fee; possibly reducing the cost risk. We would be pleased to inform you about other ways of reducing your cost risk – in particular with respect to financing legal action.

Consultancy agreement as a framework contract

We offer business clients the option to conclude a framework agreement. This offer is of special interest to companies constantly involved with legal issues, but who do not employ an in-house lawyer. We have developed several flexible solutions of this type for you. Please ask us about them.